Our bigger spotted pony page.

Our group of bigger spotted pony mares run with a leopard spotted stallion to produce foals to mature around 12.2 to 14.2 hands. Many of our mares are by Chamness Comanche  

Below are a few photos of some of our ponies.

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Chamness Apache (spotted stallion in use).

One of the spotted stallions we use

Chamness Freckles (spotted stallion in use)
2007 foals below.

above and right Trinkets few spot filly 800

Lillibet's filly foal £600. above and right
Both parents leopard spotted

Bramble's colt £200 


Sold  Colt Few spot £400

Shelley's filly £900

Mallow's colt £200

Rose Anna's £200 colt

Rose Anna's £200 colt

2005 filly foals below 2005 spotted pony filly foals below 2005 colt foals below
Foals measured on the 8-June-05. All registered with passports form the Spotted Horse & Pony Society

Spotted Filly Elenor 38" born 31-3-05 £1000 sold

Spotted Filly Elenor see left.

Blanket spotted Colt Copper Coin 9h born 6-6-05 To make approx 14h.

Filly Tiger Lily 9h 3 1/2" born 19-4-05

Spotted Filly Poppy's Poppet 9h 1" born 21-5-05
sold for £750

Spotted Colt Copper Coin see above

Filly Snowberry 9h born 8-6-05 to make approx 14h £750 developing blanket

Colt Lionheart 38" born 19-4-05 £200
Is changing to dark grey to make approx 14hh sold

Colt Copper Coin see above

Colt Copper Coin

Spotted Colt foal £600 Sold

Spotted Colt foal £1500 to make approx 13.2 hands high. Now 2 yrs old and looking great.

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