Our herd of Pedigree Registered Shetland Ponies, consists of over 30 mares all being home bred, we specialize in Cream, Palomino and Chestnut.
Our first stallions were:- the 34 inch palomino Earlsdon Georgian Silver; and
Tyros Little Nipper, 32 and half inches (half - brother to the Cream stallion, Tyros Storm of Lambridge.)
Our foals have been exported to Holland, France and U.S.A.

In 2003 and 2004 we had a few foals by the 32inch stallions
Halstock Johnny Walker and
Ulysses of Hasguard

In 2005 We purchased Merriville Prince Fergus 32inch palomino to continue breeding beautiful foals.

2011 saw the arrival of Halstock Blazing George a delightful 28&1/2 inch sturdy Cream Dun Stallion with super conformation

Shetland ponies are often thought of as tricky and stubborn. However when we were looking for our foundation stock mares we were lucky in finding a lady whose mother and grandmother before had bred Shetlands and used them for riding and driving. Over the years they had selected to get sound ponies with wonderful dispositions. Our mares are descended from these mares. This gave us a flying start. We do not try to breed " tiny, tinies" but rather go for quality, soundness, good conformation, and straight action, combined with sweet temperament and friendliness, that are a joy to own. We do not "go over the top on prices" but try to price our foals realistically.
Our stallions too have lovely sweet temperaments and they are easy to handle.

Good choice of foals available, prices from £40 plus paperwork

Page updated August 2012

Merriville Prince Fergus, Registered, licensed Shetland stallion.

No. AEO 321 S99 2 Palomino, dark eyes. 83c.m. 32 5/8ins

G.S. Tyros Storm of Lambridge
Sire Kerswell Macho 004343
G.D. Arnside Minkie
G.S. Ebony Glengarry
Dam Downlands Princess Fergie 016266
G.D. Downlands Penny
Fergus is very sweet and gentle with mares, foals and children.

Chamness Creamy,a son of Fergus,
Registered, licensed Shetland stallion.
Born 2-5-2006 Palomino 34 ins
Dam-Chamness Coffee Cream2 Creamello,blue eyes

Chamness Prima Donna filly,
Born 20-6-2010 Palomino
Sire Merriville Prince Fergus
Dam- Chamness Primrose, palomina
Dam's sire Earlsdon Georgian Silver
Dam's GS Tyros Little Nipper

Chamness Sweetie filly
Sire Merriville Prince Fergus
Born 15-5-2010 Palomino
Dam Chamness Barley Sugar, Palomino
Dam's sire Earlsdon Georgian Silver
Dam's GS Tyros Little Nipper


Fergus with mares and foals grazing

The Shetland herd off down the bridle track to change pasture

Fording the River Thrussel

Nearly there!

Some older photos are here


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