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Updated August 2007

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Cranleigh Sailor(Above) British Spotted Pony Society Registered 36"

These are Sailors 2007 foals (see his photo above)
Sailor is 36 inches, licensed and registered with the British Spotted Pony Society.

Few spot filly born 27th April
dam Chamness Annie (39ins)
Foal price 500

Black leopard spotted colt 
born 12th April
dam Chamness Jenny Wren (37")
Foal price 750

Few spot filly born 9th April
dam Chamness Damson (41 1/2")
Foal price 500

Few spot filly born 11th April
dam Tyrospot Fifi (42")
Foal price 500

Black colt with white spot on tummy
born 10th April
dam Chamness Felicity (36")
Foal price 250

Black leopard spotted filly
born 14th April
dam Chamness Miriam (38")
Foal price 800

Black Leopard spotted colt
born 2nd April
dam Chamness Bright Star (is a pedigree Shetland)
Foal price 850

2006 photos below

Sea Starlight filly born 16-4-06
Bright Star X Sailor
800 sold

Sea Starlight filly born 16-4-06
Bright Star X Sailor
800 sold

Sea Mermaid filly born 16-4-06
Miriam X Sailor
700 sold.

Sea Mist filly born 14-5-06
Felicity X Sailor
This Filly seems coming out in spots
350 sold

Sea dawn
Filly born 7-4-06
Deano X Sailor
250 sold.
At the moment plain colour as she has both spotted
parents she should produce spots.

In 2005 most of our pedigree shetlands had foals off spotted stallions.
Here is one of the filly foals Chamness Candyfloss with her dam Chamness Sugar


Sea Farer
Colt born 5-5-06
Fifi X Sailor

Sea Farer
Colt born 5-5-06
Fifi X Sailor

Sea Moon
Colt born 26-4-06
Mozell X Sailor
sold 350 sold

Sea Son
Colt born 28-4-06
Damson X Sailor
Bay both parents are spotted

Sea Cloud
Colt born 23-5-06
Annie X Sailor

Nearest the camera is Sea Moon (sold), the other 2 behind.
I have yearling fillies that are spot bred but plain colour now that would be likely to produce spots for 275. Born 2006

Filly in the middle with a colt either side. The
 colt on the left is Chamness Sea Moon, 28ins
 now, sold . The colt on the right is Chamness 
Sea Farer, 33ins now, price 500. The filly in the middle is Chamness Sea Starlight, 29ins now. price 850 sold. Born 2006

Filly born 2004.200 sold, Dam: Chamness Damson

Some of our miniature spotted ponies

George & Peppercorn
To the left, Filly born 2004, 700. Sire: Chamness Mozart
Dam: Chamness Deano sold
The first group of foals below born 2005 spotted horse & pony society registered with passports:
Dams - Registered with the spotted horse & pony society.
Sire - Cranleigh Sailor(Above) British Spotted Pony Society Registered 36".
Foal heights measured 8th June. All registered with passports form the Spotted Horse & Pony Society.

Colt Chip Cookie born 27-4-05 few spot 
stallion potential to produce spots form plain mares 250 sold
Filly Fifi 29" born 25-5-05. 750 sold

Colt Sailor's Lad 30" born 17-5-05 sold

Filly Cinnaman 30" born 29-4-05 both leopard spotted parents 350

Filly Golden Sovereign 28" born 15-5-05 sold

Colt Sailor Man 24" born 16-5-05 sold

Filly Songster 28" born 20-4-05  both leopard spotted parents 400

2 yrs old child with colt Mini Sailor, 21" born 16-4-05.

Sold. 500

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