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Our group of bigger spotted pony mares run with a leopard spotted stallion to produce foals to mature around 12.2 to 14.2 hands. Many of our mares are by Chamness Comanche  

Below are a few photos of some of our ponies.

Updated 2010

Very sad RETIREMENT sale, due to age and ill health after forty years of
breeding and selecting the best for temperament and conformation.
We have some wonderful ponies, hard to find as reliable and well behaved.

Registered, British spotted ponies to make up to 15 hands by:-
Chamness Apache and Chamness Texas both strong boned, hardy, gentle natured
stallions. Various ages and colours offspring for sale.


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Old photos are here

One of the spotted stallions we use

Chamness Apache (spotted stallion in use).

Chamness Freckles (spotted stallion in use)
2008 foals below.

2008 foals by Chamness Freckles, sold and exported this year as we have his progeny. Foals have inherited his sweet temperament.
Foals are all weaned and on hard feed. Foals to mature 13.2 to 14.0 H H

Chamness Bella, filly, born 20th May.
She is a few spot with chestnut varnish.
Dam: Chamness Bonnie, a few spot mare out of both spotted parents.
This filly should be an excellent breeding prospect. Price - 450 
Bonnie(born 2003) for sale 650 been running with stallion.


Chamness Big Red, colt, born 13th June.
Will mature to be a super looker, excellent stallion potential.Price 650
Dam: Chamness Bramble, dark bay out of spotted parents.
Bramble (born 1999) Price 650 as she is bay but she is worth a lot more as
most of foals have been beautiful leopard spotted.Running with stallion

Chamness Eclipse, colt born 18th May, Price 950
This colt is a real stunner out of a beautiful spotted mare.
It would be hard to find a foal of this quality and colour.
Dam: Chamness Indian Maiden, leopard, both her parents spotted.


4) Chamness Moose filly born 18th May. at present price 350
She is now all over bay but may turn blanket spot like her sister did.
Dam Chamness Mallow, for sale same remarks as Bramble.
Like Bramble she has produced mostly well marked leopard colts.
Moose and Mallow ideal for someone starting breeding 14 hand spots at a
reasonable price.


5) Chamness Pepperoni, colt, born 9th May. 850
chestnut leopard. Strong spotted breeding, out of Elsa, a lovely mare, the
photo does not do them justice. Ideal stallion potential.


6) Chamness Rocky, colt, born 11th May. 850
another lovely leopard with chestnut and black spots
dam Rose-Anna, bay blanket spot. This colt like the rest has excellent spotted
breeding, gentle temperament, hardy breeding.


7) Chamness Sammy,colt born 31st May 275
dam Splash, spotted breeding, a very sweet, friendly mare
Sammy should make a sensible, safe riding pony at a very reasonable price.

2008 Foals below off Chamness Texas, a beautiful young leopard

1)Chamness Limo, colt, born 11-5-2008 Price 975
near leopard deep chestnut spots, black mane and tail
Dam Lillibet, rich brown leopard (photos do not do justice to colour.

Same as above.
2)Chamness Starfire, colt, born 14th May price 850 near leopard, will change to all leopard. Dam Betsy's Beauty, black leopard leopard.
3) Chamness Angelina, filly 3rd May, price 675 black with spotted characteristics Dam Trinket, this mare has produced several quality, spotted foals, we have 3 of her daughters. ( Indian Maiden above is one) Trinket for sale price 675 (running with stallion)

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